Major Reasons You should NOT Buy iPhone X

Well it’s I’ve got is everything out will Peru here and I know that thousand dollars is just digging a hole in your pocket you want to throw it in Apple’s face for the iPhone 10 but before you do that watch this video I wanted to talk about the drawbacks of this revolutionary new product don’t get me wrong I am completely obsessed with that I’m so happy this design came to light but it’s not without its drawbacks.

So let’s talk about those in this video and why you should not buy the iPhone 10 in fact 10 reasons not to do so now this is something not many people think about this is a first generation products I know the tenth iPhone what are you talking about Phillip but no this is an all new product from Apple they said it’s gonna be leading the next 10 years of design and with a new product like this a new line there will be issues you know quirks nagging teething issues because of the new display because of new design.

If you remember the iPhone 4 had the antenna gates the iPhone 6 had the benda gate where it was a bit soft and no not in this housing obviously this is a replacement but with every major shift in design for Apple there always seems to be a major issue after release. So it’s always good to wait it out now for example for me personally when you’re getting a new car a new platform that has just been developed there always seems to be a major issue with it for me. It was the oil consumption for fixed in the next year’s model and oh boy this one does not need to be said the price the number one reason.

Why most people will not be buying the iPhone 10 but it’s just ridiculous how expensive this thing has got and by buying it you’re basically telling Apple. I don’t think it is I think it’s a little bit over price for what it is the competitor is a very similar displays at a lower price point because that’s essentially what you’re paying for with the iPhone 10 the display and I think it’s completely ridiculous to pay a hundred and fifty dollars just to go from 64 to 256 gigabytes in a phone.

I know there is a NAND flash storage shortage that was created by the iPhone 10 but wow that is just ridiculous and say you get the entry-level iPhone 10 with 64 gigabytes free phone so capable so full of so much fun stuff you want to do with VES camera how is it’s gonna last I think that’s just not enough storage for the base model.

I know Apple has the new video and photo codecs to take up less storage on your device there’s iCloud storage if you really need it but still think about it you download some games some apps you know record a little video take some pictures before you know what that 64 gigs is gonna run out eventually.

so I think it’s not enough storage for an entry-level model and one that will resonate with probably a lot of you we cut out to bar I mean the censor bar on the iPhone 10 just takes away from the even design from that a really beautiful display there was a better solution I read it or posted this image.

Honestly I would not be opposed to that or with software to Heidi knotch it just seems that a lot of people are very unhappy with that design and maybe just another reason on your list to not get it and one that honestly worries me going from a plus sized phone to the iPhone 10 you’re actually getting cropped content so a lot of your images your video is going to be smaller because the display is slimmer it’s more in line with the iPhone 7 display.

I recognize the flaws it is not a perfect device just because it’s the most expensive and the flagship model right now it definitely isn’t for everybody. So I hope you let me agree on at least a couple points from this article I hope I’m not crazy on that part but this is an incredible phone don’t get me wrong there are so many reasons not to buy it though.

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